Kennels Near Ocean Lakes

As summer vacation approaches, many families are struggling with the issue…What to do with those furry family members while on vacation. Although many of our guests are camping (which allow pets), we also have plenty of guests who stay in rental units that do not allow pets. Every year our Ocean Lakes Magazine features veterinarians and kennels nearby as a guide for our guests. These are just a few nearby places that we have gathered information for, but we would love to hear your suggestions or recommendations on which ones you have used! Or, if you use a different one, please feel free to let us know so we can add it to the list!


A Dogs Way Inn
5225 Berkley Ct., Murrells Inlet  - 843-357-4545

Bubbles & Fluff Doggie Day Care
760A Business 17A (Joe Plaza), Surfside – 843-828-4357

Canine Command Center, Inc.
401 Tyner St., Socastee – 843- 293-1407

K9 Cabana
3949 Hwy 544, Surfside – 888-544-DOGS

Tamroc Kennels
201 Bush Dr. (off of Hwy 501), Myrtle Beach – 843-236-1313

Animal Emergencies

Animal Emergency Hospital of the Strand
(After Hours Care)
303-1 Hwy 15, Suite 1, Myrtle Beach – 843-445-9797

 Ark Animal Hospital PA
1011 6 Ave. N. Ext., Surfside Beach – 843-238-1414
Grand Strand Animal Hospital
3007 Hwy 17 Bypass N., Myrtle Beach – 843-626-7661

Murrells Inlet Veterinary Hospital
(And Boarding)
3928 Hwy 17 Bypass, Murrells Inlet – 843-651-3355

Pet Doctor
2321 Dick Pond Road, Surfside Beach – 843-650-1555

Like we said, we welcome your feedback on any of the area kennels or veterinarians!  


  1. Nancy Yohn, OceanLakes long time camperJune 12, 2012 at 11:38 AM

    We usually bring our pet dog with us camping. I know alot of people would love to be with their pets while on vacation but are unable due to rentals not allowing pets. OceanLakes has always done many wonderful things on the property to improve. My suggestion would be to build a facility for pets so OceanLakes renters could bring their pets on vacation but would have to sleep at the kennels. Owners could atleast spend the day with their pets or visit with them if desired. The kennel could also be used as a daycare for families who are going to be away from their campers for long periods of time but need someplace where they beloved pets would be taken care of. We live in NC and I send my Pug to a daycare/boarding facilty while i am at work 2 days a week. The Daycare/boarding facilty has the doggies outside playing during the day and from 12pm to 2pm they have nap time in their kennels. On rainy days they play inside and able to roam the play area. Its refreshing that during the day they are not kenneled up all day except when they are let out to use the bathroom. I think if Oceanlakes could have a doggie/cat daycare/boarding facility it would be a great addition to your wonderful campground.

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  3. Thanks for your suggestion, Nancy! Actually, we have considered a kennel and always confront a couple of key issues. First, we have very limited space. Staffing is another related issue - taking care of our guests' four legged family members is a serious business. One that we feel would be best with licensed and trained personnel, including medical knowledge, and enters an entirely different operation. We chose to focus on what we seem to do best - run a campground! But we agree, it is tough to leave that furry friend behind so we thought this blog would help keep them closer to the family!

    We encourage any recommendations about our local kennels!