Friday, March 23, 2018

Ocean Lakes maintenance team 'buries' time capsule for future generation

Amid all the renovation projects and off-season upgrades keeping them busy, our maintenance team found a few minutes to leave a special gift for a future generation.

Years from now – no telling when – someone will discover the special Ocean Lakes time capsule tucked in a tiny corner of our newly renovated Maintenance Shop.

Maintenance teammate Rob Gardiner holds the time capsule before tucking it into its hiding place under new countertops in the Maintenance Shop.
“I just thought it would be a neat idea,” maintenance teammate Rob Gardiner said. “We had a little space back there we could put something, so we thought about a time capsule.”

The tight corner space under the new countertop didn’t lend itself to hold anything else. With the new counters in and complete, the time capsule isn’t accessible until those cabinets and countertops are removed.

The time capsule is “buried” in that tight corner space. Nothing fancy, just a plastic box of Ocean Lakes goodies including our Squeaky SandyPlush Toy, a letter from our maintenance team and photos to show the future generation how much fun the 2018 team has keeping the 310-acre campground in tip-top shape.

Our maintenance team not only repairs items around the campground, but they also build the picnic tables that sit on each of our 859 campsites and are the masterminds behind the themed Halloweekends display off Spring Lane in front of the maintenance shop (remember Starfish Superheroes and Starfish Wars?!?!).

And you can also thank the maintenance team for adding a little fun and holiday cheer to the campground. They are responsible for building the oversized Sandy chairs by the beach that are such a popular souvenir photo spot for our guests and designing and building the manger and Easter displays by our three crosses that have become iconic symbols of the seasons.

Maintenance teammates Rob Gardiner, left, and Terry Tucker install the Easter display by the three crosses in March 2018.
Who knows what future maintenance teams will be up to, but Rob guesses that they’ll enjoy seeing how the 2018 team got things done.

“I hope they’ll say that’s pretty neat. Actually, they’ll probably say, ‘What, they don’t have lasers?!?!,’” Rob said with a chuckle.