Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ocean Lakes Teams Up With Little Pink Houses of Hope

Gilder Radner once said, “The goal is to live a full, productive life even with all that ambiguity. No matter what happens, whether the cancer never flares up again or whether you die, the important thing is that the days that you have had you will have lived.”

Meet Jeanine
Jeanine Patten-Coble was diagnosed with cancer on June 15, 2009 and took a beach vacation with her family the very next day. She came across an area of houses and a playground that had previously been owned by the US Coast Guard but had been abandoned for five years.

“All week long, these houses kept calling to me, in a way that I cannot explain. Sometimes you do not know what you are supposed to do until you trip across your destiny. In my case, I feel like I ran right into it on a warm summer day in my running shoes.

This experience is what led me to develop the plan for Little Pink Houses of Hope.  The beach is a place where we were able to reconnect and get stronger as a family as we prepared for the cancer journey.  We have returned throughout treatment to find that same solace and place of peace.  Little Pink uses a model of donated beach houses and volunteers to create that environment of which I dreamed.  I have never felt more alive or moved by the plans that God has for me. I look forward to you dreaming with me!”

Little Pink Houses of Hope
Their mission is to promote breast cancer recovery by offering opportunities for survivors to reconnect and celebrate life. They value creating hopeful experiences through fostering loving relationships in a non-judgmental environment. Their team provides free week-long vacations for breast cancer patients and their families. They believe that, “A cancer diagnosis does not just affect the patient, but the entire family. Every retreat is designed to help families relax, reconnect, and rejuvenate during the cancer journey.”

Ocean Lakes Goes Pink
Throughout the campground, you will find pink ribbons, as well as on each teammate’s name badge. For some teammates, Breast Cancer Awareness Month hits close to home and they show their support in other ways.

From October 14th – 20th, Ocean Lakes Family Campground will be hosting the 8th Annual Little Pink Houses of Hope Retreat. The campground has been a retreat host since 2011 and looks forward to each year!

About eight to eleven breast cancer patients and their families come to Ocean Lakes every October, which coincidentally happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Little Pink Houses, which has about a dozen beach retreats in the United States every year, arranges the details of the vacations so the families can simply show up and start having fun.

Ocean Lakes offers our facilities, golf cars, food for some of the events, goodie bags and recreation activities to the families during their stay and help them focus on having fun and creating family memories. Individual homeowners in Ocean Lakes donate their houses for the families to stay for the week. 

Here Is How You Can Help!
Little Pink Houses of Hope relies on donations from the community and volunteers to help with everything from planning activities to collecting donations. If you are interested, contact the Myrtle Beach Retreat Coordinator, Cristi Seay, at 864-444-8790 or cristi@littlepink.org.

For more information on Little Pink Houses of Hope and how you can help, check out their website.

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