Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Packing For Your Trip To Ocean Lakes

Your trip is booked, the countdown is winding down, and now all that is left is to pack your bags. But, what do you pack? How do you pack for a trip to Ocean Lakes Family Campground, which combines the beach and camping? While it may be the best of both worlds, sometimes knowing just what to pack can be tricky. Well, we have you covered – Check out these ten tips!

10 Packing Tips

1.  Roll Your Clothes – Rolling your outfits together instead of folding them separately saves space and time! This helps the kids with getting dressed each day, as well.

2.  Shower Cap Covers – This would be ideal to use on the way home to put around the bottom of your shoes. This will keep all the camping dirt and beach sand from getting in your suitcase and clothes.

3.  Cooling Racks – Place these in the top of your cooler to keep your food dry from the melting ice.

4.  Snacks To Pack (Just to name a few) –
a.    Raw or dry-roasted almonds, walnuts, or pistachios
b.    Vitamin-packed dried blueberries, acai, cranberries, or mango
c.     Antioxidant-filled dark chocolate M&M’s or chips in a do-it-yourself trail mix
d.    Baked, lower-salt chips (Pita Chips or Whole-Grain SunChips),
e.    Low-fat or lower-salt hot dogs
f.      High-fiber, regular instant oatmeal (Add your own fruit for sweetness).

5.  Outdoor Play Pen – Use this to fence in your campsite and give the little campers a designated area to play in where they will be safe!

6.  Packing the Toilet Paper – Use an old CD stacker case for toilet paper storage! This may sound silly, but it keeps it dry and protected from any morning dew, dog slobber, rain, spilt drinks. It is perfect.

7.    Shower Caddy – Keeping everything you need for a trip to the bathhouse handy and in one place! Use a small basket or sorting container for convenience.

8.  Solar Lanterns – No electricity needed, and these will keep your campsite well-lit! A campfire is always a great idea, but if you are not up for getting a fire started or get up in the middle of the night, turn on the solar lantern and let there be light!

9.  Plastic Storage Bin – The possibilities are endless with a plastic storage bin! Use these to store any camping equipment, tools, or even the kiddo’s toys.

10. Dryer Sheets – Keep your laundry smelling fresh and clean with dryer sheets on the top and bottom of your luggage. If you are feeling a little extra, place a few sheets in between your clothes, too.

Camping Made Easy

Camping in Ocean Lakes is a treat for the whole family, no matter the event or time of year! Packing for the trip (and, of course, the unpacking and laundry once returning home) are not always the most exciting part. Hopefully these ten packing tips will be helpful and convenient for you!

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