Introducing The Sandy Harbor Play Card

A new and exciting feature has made its way to the Game Center in Sandy Harbor! We have stepped up our gaming skills, and that means no more tokens or tickets will be accepted or issued.

Purchase | The new Sandy Harbor Play Card can be purchased at the Kiosk Stations or the Prize Counter in the Sandy Harbor Game Center. To purchase the card, simply pay to load the desired amount on the card. If you are purchasing more than one play card at the same time and paying with one bill, then you will need to head over to the Prize Counter to purchase the cards.

Here Is A Hint | Load more credits to be rewarded with bonus credits! The more you spend, the more you receive! Below is a chart that breaks down how many bonus credits you can be rewarded when you purchase a play card.

Bonus Credits
Total Credits

Registration | After your purchase, you will be given the option to register the card at the Kiosk or the Counter with your name, email address, and telephone number. To clarify – Your credits and tickets all remain on one convenient card!

Tips | We strongly recommend registering the card! If your card is lost or stolen, we will be able to access your account and transfer the remaining balance to a replacement card, which is $2.

Another helpful tip for guests to be aware of is that when the card machine on games reads "2.00," that is referencing credits, not a dollar amount. 

Heads Up | If you have a ticket receipt, tickets, or tokens from previous Game Center visits, then you may redeem those tickets at the Prize Counter, or they can be added onto your play card.

Until Next Time | Get your Sandy Harbor Play Card today and rack up on those credits!


Stay Connected With Ocean Lakes

Communication is key, right? We think so. Being a 310-acre campground with 1 mile of oceanfront, annual events, daily activities, and announcements coming out constantly, it is crucial we consistently push out information to guests. Do you know all the ways to stay connected with us? Well, you are going to learn today!

Social Media | You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snapchat. We have six different social media platforms, so find the one that works for you and follow us, engage with us, and stay connected with us!

If you are searching for an answer, want to check in with your home away from home, or are researching your next vacation spot, our social media has become a trusted resource for guests, as well as individuals in the community.

Blog | We have a weekly blog in which we go a little more in-depth on certain topics. Not all topics are serious, though, we love to have fun with our guests! Whether it be a new campsite craft, campsite meal, or fun activity or event happening in the campground, you can count on us to give you the inside scoop!

Website | www.OceanLakes.com is our first source of information for all! All policies, rates, events, activities, and even booking can be found on our website. However, that is not all! Amenities, services, quick links, downloadable documents, and lodging can be found on our website.

Starfish Radio | Tune in when at the bathhouses or Sandy Harbor Waterpark for great music, interviews, and announcements with the famous radio personal, Banana Jack Murphy!

TV | Check out our TV channels when in the campground for the latest information, helpful tips, and to listen to Starfish Radio. The Campsite Channels are 61 and 62, and the Annual Lease Site Channels are 1390 and 1391.

App | Download our app, for Android or iPhone, and stay connected with us on the go! Direct dial us with our "Call Us" tab and enable "push notifications" on this app for emergency alerts on weather, missing guests, maintenance work, and much more. Find alerts under "More" and the "Message" tab. Local information can be found in the "Around Us" tab so guests can locate in list or GPS map places for "Food, Fun & Amenities." Emergency information can be found in the list or GPS map for "People, Pets & Vehicles." Ever wish you had a map of Ocean Lakes in your pocket? Now you can use your phone's GPS map to find our amenities and more!

Email Blasts | We understand that people receive multiple emails daily and the thought of subscribing to another email list sounds like torture. However, we only email important information and announcements out a few times each month. Having the information sent straight to you instead of searching for it sounds ideal, right? Subscribe to our email list today!

At Your Fingertips | We like to keep our guests aware of what is going on in the campground, as well as making sure the information is accessible.

What works best for you? Join in the fun, learn about Ocean Lakes, and meet other campers just like you!