Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ocean Lakes "Leap into Fun"

What Are You Going to Do with Your Extra Day this Year?
Once every four years, the world gets one more day to enjoy. To commemorate the 2012 Leap Year, Ocean Lakes Family Campground is going to have a yearlong celebration called “Leap Into Fun.” Campground teammates will designate certain days that have fun themes with activities for guests in park, and our fans who can only share that day through the virtual "online" world. Holiday celebrations include “Lost Sock Memorial Day” (one we are having fun planning!) and “Bubble Gum Day.” 

Every month, there will be several dates selected by our teammates because they are a unique "unofficial" holiday and because they relate to various aspects of Ocean Lakes’ amenities, activities and culture. Ocean Lakes hopes that these fun “holidays” will give our loyal guests and teammates ideas about how to spend that extra day in 2012, which prompted the tag line ‘What are you going to do with your extra day this year?’

 Ocean Lakes is kicking things off for “Leap into Fun” in February with special days like February 4th “Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.” Ice cream is a tradition with our guests, so “Sandy’s Eat n’ Meet” will be serving ice cream that morning in addition to its breakfast menu. Another example is February 20th “Love Your Pet Day.” Let's face it, pets are a big reason why people camp (and a welcome member of the family at Ocean Lakes). Guests can stop by and get a red ribbon (to tie to a leash, bird cage, use to play with kitty) and a treat for their pet in our Main Office, Recreation Office, Golf Car Building, or Ocean Lakes Properties. Each month, Ocean Lakes will include the wacky celebrations in the monthly activities calendars and online. (See February's "Leap into Fun" calendar below.)

Where do these ideas come from?!
Teammates came up with the plan in December while discussing “pajama day” at their child’s school. “One of us said, ‘I wish I could wear pajamas to work!’ and that got us talking about wacky holidays throughout the year,” explains Barb Krumm, Director of Marketing and PR. “We laughed and then realized that 2012 was Leap Year - we have an extra day this year - let’s come up with fun ways people can spend that extra day!” The Ocean Lakes team began by compiling a calendar of wacky odd holidays that related to the campground’s operation. We focused on fun, easy things that could be promoted through different departments on site and also be promoted through communications like Facebook and this nifty blog. 

“We have the best guests in the world! They love to have fun and we love to help them have “Ocean Lakes’ fun” even when they are not here in our campground,” comments Krumm. Even though Leap Day is in February, our teammates feel in the end, it’s 365 plus 1, so why not give people fun ideas all year long?

We hope you have fun with this year long celebration - because we are having fun thinking about it! 

Leaping into February Fun...

February 3rd - Wear Red Day
It’s American Heart Month so wear your red to support
Heart awareness.

February 3rd - Bubble Gum Day
Stop by our Main Office, Sandy Mart, Ocean Lakes Properties, Golf
Cars or the Recreation Center to get your piece of bubble gum to
celebrate the day!

February 4th - Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
Start the day of FUN by heading down to Sandy’s Meet n’ Eat and
eating Ice Cream for Breakfast!!

February 7th - Wave ALL Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day
Step outside and give a friendly 5 finger wave to your neighbor!

February 11th - White T-shirt Day
Ocean Lakes Teammates celebrate this day everyday...but you can
join in by wearing your favorite white t-shirt today!

February 13th - Get a different name day
Stop by the Main Office, Ocean Lakes Properties, Golf Cars or the
Recreation Center to get a name tag and give yourself a new name
for the day!

February 15th - National Gum Drop Day
Head down to the Recreation Center and get your free gum drop!

February 17th - Random Acts of Kindness Day
Let’s all “Pay It Forward” today!

February 20th - Love Your Pet Day
Show those furry friends how special they are today by picking up
a special red ribbon for them to wear at Ocean Lakes Properties,
Main Office, Golf Cars or the Recreation Center.

February 23rd - Diesel Engine Day
Pick up your special Diesel Lover sticker at the Main Office, Ocean
Lakes Properties, Golf Cars or the Recreation Center.

February 29th - Leap Day
It is the official extra day...but who's counting? WE ARE! We are counting the ways you can spend your extra 24 hours this year - so no pressure - just keep watching and we'll give you a few ideas!

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