Monday, February 13, 2012

Dancin' the Night Away?

Okay, I am not much of a dancer. There I said it. There is no excuse (and I hope that Judy Duke is not reading this blog). This coming weekend we are hosting an event for people like me…and for those who are more coordinated then me. On Friday (17th) and Saturday (18th), I could address this problem… and so could you if you share my dance dilemma. Ocean Lakes’ Beach n’ Boogie Weekend is all about family fun, live music with The Fantastic Shakers and the Band of Oz, and the Shag.

If you are not from the Carolinas, you may not know much about the Shag. It is our state dance and it has roots in the “jitterbug.” Thanks to Google, I won’t have to say much more than that, or try to describe the jitterbug to the young whippersnappers in cyberspace. (However, if you are from Great Britain, the term has a much different meaning in the Carolinas.)  North Myrtle Beach is famous for it’s Shag clubs like Fat Harold’s, but actually the entire Grand Strand has hosted generations of this lively, fun, couples dance and countless dance competitions. The Myrtle Beach Pavilion, formerly located on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, SC, was another famous site for shagging.

So, back to my first comment, we have someone here to help you “find your footing.” Judy Duke is a member of the Shag Hall of Fame and has been our featured Shag instructor for several years. Her style is fun and no nonsense; basically, she will motivate you with a smile and witty remark. She knows her stuff and our guests have enjoyed taking lessons geared at both beginner and intermediate levels. These lessons are included in the event ticket.

More than 12 years ago, Ocean Lakes decided to hold an event in honor of this style of dance. Many of our guests grew up coming to the beach and shagging the night away in the summer breezes. We chose President’s Weekend to host this event for many reasons; for many families it is a three-day weekend, it is close to that romantic holiday (Valentine’s), and it’s between the Christmas season and spring just about time everyone is ready to go…somewhere! Beach n’ Boogie Weekend pretty much celebrated instant success. Perhaps it’s the timing, or the bands, or even the fact it’s in a family-friendly environment rather than a night club – guest feedback has heralded all three reasons. However, above all, guests tell us it is because it is at Ocean Lakes Family Campground.

So, if you need a get away, now’s the time and we have a place. During the show, there are events for children ages 4-11 (so mom and dad can spend a little time together). There will be a few kids around, but for the most part they enjoy Sandy Harbor.  

If you are like me, and after all these years you are still “holding the wall up” no worries! We have chairs for you…sit and enjoy the band and admire the more coordinated. Either way, we hope to see you here at the beach this weekend!

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