Friday, April 20, 2012

Celebrate Earth Day...don't you mean Everyday??

For those of you who don’t know, Sunday, April 22nd marks the 42nd year of observing Earth Day. When you think about it, it’s really ironic that we had to set aside a day 42 years ago to celebrate the Earth we rely on for our survival.  So when we asked our very own Nature Center curator and retired minister, Leonard Raker about his thoughts on a special day set aside for the Earth…well…we just had to share it with you…

“Earth Day? Did you really ever think about it? Maybe that could be the problem with this old world! We live in it daily. We see all that’s around us. We walk on it, we look at it, we play on it and we even walk by the mess that others leave. It is kind of funny that we have to have a day to appreciate all that God gave us to live in, when it really needs to be appreciated every day. Thank God for every day! God when I see your wonders…I really love you. Thanks!”

So, Leonard inspired us to come up with some easy things we could all do to that would help the Earth out, not just today...but EVERYDAY!

1. Make the switch for the light switch! Swap out your light bulbs to the compact florescent bulbs. They use significantly less energy than older light bulbs and they last longer! By doing this not only will you help the Earth out, you can also help increase that bank account of yours!

2. Unplug and turn off! Walk around your house and unplug anything that is unnecessary, like cell phone chargers, ipod chargers, blenders, coffee pots, etc. All those devices are using energy even when they’re not being used. Also, make sure to turn off those lights when you are not in the room, nothing like lighting the whole house for nothing but the furniture!

3. Stop putting the pedal to the medal! Now, if you’re like me this one could be rather challenging and take the most effort! But, by driving the speed limit you actually can increase your miles per gallon, which means less trips to the gas station. And, with the price of gas lately, we could all use one less trip to fill up! Trust me, I know it’s tough, but this one’s a win win! For you, and the Earth.

4. Just say “No” to plastic bottles!  With all the different types of reusable bottles there are out on the market today, (including our very own Ocean Lakes Stainless Steel Water Bottle available for sale at the Recreation Office, yes we know shameless plug) there really is no reason not to rid those plastic bottles for good. They actually take a ton of energy to make. And believe it or not, most people don’t recycle them, which only causes them to overfill the landfills. Not only will a reusable bottle save you money, but it will also help reduce your carbon footprint. Best of all, you can use them to express your individual style…like showing everyone where you love to make family vacation memories with your very own Stainless Steel Water Bottle from Ocean Lakes Family Campground! Okay, we promise that was our last plug! But really, they are nice!

Available at the Recreation case you were wondering!
5. Drip, drip, drip… Do you leave the water running while you’re brushing your teeth? Or guys, while you shave? Well, if you do, you are just pouring gallons and gallons of perfectly good usable water down the drain…literally! By using less water, we are able to conserve more energy, and it also could help you conserve more cash. Because, believe it or not all that water you’re pouring down the drain, you’re paying for…and it adds up! Here is a site for 100 ways to conserve water. Try a few and see how much it saves on the next water bill.

6. Paper, plastic? No thanks I brought my own! We all have those non-woven grocery bags that we get as a giveaways at trade shows, as welcome gifts, when you set up a new bank account, etc. So instead of throwing them in the back of your closet, why not start putting them to good use? Stash a few in your car for when you go to the grocery store. Yes, it may be a hassle to remember to put them back in the car for the next time you go, and yes, it may be at the end of your shopping trip that you remember that you have forgotten them in the car, but make the effort. It doesn’t take that long to step out to your car and get them.

7. Hang those clothes out to dry…literally. Mother Nature has been extremely generous to us this year with all of the beautiful weather we’ve had lately, why not use it to our advantage while helping out the Earth at the same time. Instead of using all that energy to dry a load of laundry, put it outside on a clothesline. Yea, it may take a little longer to dry, but think of it as time you get to relax, or finish other chores, or relax…or start a project on that honey do list…or relax...whatever you chose! Even if you don’t have an existing clothesline in your back yard, you can always make one.  All you need is some rope, and two unmovable objects to tie it to. Then let the sun do its job!

These are only just a few examples of ways to make everyday Earth Day. We’d love to hear more! So, if you have a simple solution to make everyday Earth Day let’s hear it! If not, just pick one of these and start trying it out today.

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