Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is Your Missing Sock at Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach?

When you run a campground things can get crazy. Like any business, sometimes it’s easy to loose sight of what matters, so its good to keep that Mission Statement in view. At Ocean Lakes we are here so our guests have a great experience and, hopefully, some fun! Actually, campgrounds spend a lot of time planning fun. Every time I go to an industry convention or meeting, I enjoy listening to what my campground peers dream up. Our Recreation teammates are real pros at fun, but now and then the Marketing team can barely contain their imaginations...

On Wednesday, May 9th, Ocean Lakes Family Campground celebrates “Lost Sock Memorial Day." The event takes place inside Ocean Lakes, and virtually, online on the campground’s Pinterest.com account.

Photo of Lost Socks, campground event photo, Ocean Lakes, Myrtle BeachOur laundromat, Sandy’s Soapy Suds, is the location of the “Lost Sock Memorial Wall.” The wall features a clothesline and clothes pins for guests to pin their remaining single sock looking for its “solemate.” Socks hang on the top clothesline with letters on their toes spelling out “Lost Sock Memorial Wall,” and underneath it reads “For those left behind.” It is amazing how many single socks Soapy Suds had on hand to start the wall.

Note to college students: as you study for your degree and dream of your career keep an open mind…you never know what odd things will relate to your job description.  Who would have thought missing laundry could be so much fun!?

We have been looking forward to this particular holiday for months! Guests were giggling as teammates were creating the 'Lost Sock Memorial Wall.' This event is perfect for launching our new Pinterest.com account. The campground’s new Pinterest.com account kicked off with pin boards highlighting 'Single Sock Occupations,' 'The Crafty Sock,' 'Laughing Our Socks Off,' and 'It Socks to be Lonely' sock personal ads."

Ocean Lakes event promotional poster
Promotional posters have been placed throughout the campground with headlines stating “Missing” or “Wanted” with pictures of various socks and descriptions to encourage guests to visit Soapy Suds to pin their sock(s).

All guests at the park are invited to participate, along with others who can join the celebration through Pinterest.com. Followers can email a photo of their sock(s) to info@oceanlakes.com and Ocean Lakes will pin it to one of its boards. Be sure to follow Ocean Lakes by searching for Ocean Lakes under the "People" category in the search box to see your sock(s) displayed. 

Lost sock pin boards, fun with socks, Ocean Lakes Family Campground event
Visit Ocean Lakes Family Campground's Pinterest.com page and click on each pin board for fun.
This event is part of Ocean Lakes’ year-long theme called “Leap Into Fun,” which started in February due to leap year. Ocean Lakes teammates and guests have recognized unofficial holidays that have fun themes, providing activities in the park and online to campground guests. Each month, "Leap Into Fun" has encompassed several unique holidays or commemorative days that relate to various aspects of Ocean Lakes’ amenities, activities and culture.

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