Tuesday, November 20, 2012

4 Thanksgiving "no-no's" for Pets

Many people that camp love their pets! (And so do many people that don't camp! LOL) So, here's a few tips about what NOT to feed your furry family member...

1. Anything with onions – Did you know that onions are toxic to dogs and cats (including garlic, leeks and chives).

2. Raw or garbage ready food  - Avoid potential messy accidents (from either end of your pet). Don't feed them the gizzard or anything you won't eat, especially if it is raw, or something that may have gone bad. You have enough to deal with over the holidays!

3. The Drumstick – or any thing that may contain bones. Bad boy. (Or girl.)

4. Dessert – It has little to do with the waistline and more to do with that digestive track! We all know not to feed them chocolate, but the fats in many desserts can give your little friend an upset stomach...or worse.

Finally, avoid the "treat-sneaking" guests. Even after you ask them to not give the dog table scraps, temptation may win out. So, keep your pet in another room while everyone is eating…who knows what is going on under the table?

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