Monday, January 16, 2017

Better Wi-Fi experience on the way for Ocean Lakes guests

Ocean Lakes is working to provide a better Wi-Fi experience for our camping guests, with crews busy this month installing new equipment.

The new equipment will improve the Wi-Fi connection in the campground. Demand on the network has quickly increased as guests use multiple devices and stream shows and movies.

The new system, which will double the amount of equipment to better handle the volume, is expected to be up and running before spring break.

“Guests will simply have a much better Wi-Fi experience,” said George Burton, Ocean Lakes IT expert.

Crews are installing new equipment, moving from section to section in the campground. Sections will be without Wi-Fi for a couple of days as the new equipment is installed.

Guests still will be able to connect to Wi-Fi in other spots in the campground, including the Meet n Eat, Café and Recreation Center.

Guests can keep an eye out for the new SSID connection, which will be dubbed “Starfish.” You can start using that connection once it starts appearing as an available network. There will be no password required at this time.

The new system will work in the camping sections of the campground. Annual lease site holders will still have to arrange for their own Wi-Fi service.

Thanks for your patience as we work to improve the network and provide a better Wi-Fi experience for our guests.