Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Headed to Ocean Lakes for the Harley-Davidson spring rally? Here are a few things to know

Ocean Lakes is ready for bikers to start rolling in this week for the Harley-Davidson spring rally.

The Cruisin’ the Coast spring rally officially kicks off May 15, though many bikers will start arriving earlier to take advantage of all the rides, entertainment and fun that revs up the weekend of May 12. The rally, which lures several hundred thousand bikers to the Myrtle Beach area, runs through May 21.

Ocean Lakes welcomes bikers. Special parking and trailer storage areas have been set up to accommodate the influx of motorcycles, and our South Gate will be open to help bikers get in smoothly.

We want all of our guests who are here for the spring rally to have a fun, safe visit. Here is key information about parking and reminders about our rules, as well as tips to make your stay during the Harley rally as enjoyable as possible.

Motorcycle rules

Guests cannot ride motorcycles through the campground. Also not permitted: Riding motorcycles past the designated area at the entrance (signs mark the boundaries where bikes are allowed) or coasting - not under power but with a guest sitting on the seat.

Rope and motorcycle dolly towing are permitted to and from your rental site or campsite.

Ocean Lakes doesn’t allow bikers past the front area of the campground to ensure the noise doesn’t bother guests who are relaxing.

“Ocean Lakes is very bike friendly, but it is the overall noise and the volume of motorcycles,” Operations Manager Kevin McWhirter said.

Three-wheel rides such as Can-Am Spyders and Polaris Slingshots must follow motorcycle rules – they are NOT allowed in the campground and must park in the designated motorcycle lot by the South Gate.

Motorcycle parking

Ocean Lakes has a designated area for free motorcycle parking at the South Gate entrance. You must be a registered guest of Ocean Lakes and have an orange wristband attached to the bike's handlebars to park in this area. 

Guests should pick up the orange wristband for their motorcycle in the Main Office when they check in. If the office is closed, you can get a wristband from the Main Gate or the South Gate. Your site number will be on the wristband, which gives our team a quick way of contacting the bike's owner in case of an emergency.

For bikers’ convenience, there are two unloading ramps available in the parking area by the South Gate.

Cars and vehicles also can park by the South Gate but only in the closest section to U.S. 17 Business, which is separated from the bikes and designated with signs as vehicle parking.

Trailer parking

Guests can park their utility trailers at their site – if it safely and completely fits on their homesite or campsite.

If that doesn’t work, trailer parking will be available in our West Lot, which is across the street from the campground with easy access off S.C. 544. Cost is $5 a day.

This area is only for trailer storage – you will not have 24-hour access to park your motorcycle inside the trailer at the end of the day.

Getting into Ocean Lakes

Our South Gate will be open throughout the rally to help alleviate any congestion getting into the campground. The South Gate will be open Friday, May 12 through Sunday, May 21. Hours are 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

This will allow more convenient access to the designated motorcycle parking area and help keep traffic moving through our Main Gate.


Guests can unload their motorcycles at the South Gate parking lot or in the West Lot trailer storage area off S.C. 544 across the street from the campground.

We recommend that you do NOT unload motorcycles at your rental house or campsite unless you have a tow dolly. Remember – you won’t be able to ride your motorcycle from your site.

Need more info?

Our team is here to help. Feel free to contact Security at 843-828-4847. That number is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Have fun and be safe!