Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Making Your Site Your Home Away From Home | Glamping Style

Camping at Ocean Lakes is always an exciting time, no matter the time of year! We are packed full of amenities and activities that are for the whole family. Most guests do not feel the need to leave the campground during their vacation due to all we offer, and many describe us as their “home away from home."

There is no better way to enjoy your “home away from home” than by decorating your campsite to give yourself the full camping experience, while feeling right at home.

Ten Tips To Decorating Your Campsite
1.    Signs – Hang or stick in the ground welcoming signs, signs with humorous sayings, or signs that have your family name on them.

2.    Team Spirit – Show off your team spirit by displaying flags, tents, chairs, tablecloths, or window clings on your RV. This will completely set the mood when watching your team play with a campfire, football food, and the family and friends gathered around.

3.  Rug – Rugs provide a comforting feel of home and add a simple, cute touch when entering and exiting your RV.

4.    Lighting Options – Whether you hang lights, use tiki torches, or solar lights, find ways to add lighting to your site. This will add a warm, comforting feel and keep it fun!

5.    Dress Up The Table – Each of our campsites feature a picnic table, which can be garnished with a tablecloth, table centerpiece, and decorations.

6.    Holiday Festivities – If you vacation with us during a holiday, decorate your campsite accordingly. For example, during October, decorate by using inflatables, pumpkins, and scarecrows. During December, decorate by hanging a wreath and lights.

7.    Hammock/Eno – Many of our sites are near a tree, and if you are able to, then hang a hammock or Eno! This adds a great spot to relax at your campsite all while adding a fun, sweet decorative piece. 

8.    Create Your Own Holiday – Why not create your own theme night at your campsite?! Hawaiian, Hollywood, and Disney are fun theme ideas that you and your family can get creative with to incorporate decorations, food, and games when staying with us.

9.    Game Night – Cards, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Clue are a few family favorite games that are inexpensive items to create a fun, family feel at your site.

10.    Chairs/Pillows/Throws – Placing chairs at your campsite will provide more seating, as well as a social environment, at your site. These chairs can be beach chairs or folding chairs and can feature a throw or pillow in them. This will give an extra special touch to your outside sitting area!

What Is Glamping?
Glamping is a combination of glamour and camping, and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with "traditional" camping.

Essentially, glamping is camping in style or luxury camping. This can be an outdoor experience that is comfortable, beautiful, and positively memorable.

Glamping In Ocean Lakes
Let’s face it, the way we travel, and vacation has changed. Many individuals want a full experience with a touch of glam, which boils down to a glamping vacation.

In our campground, we offer many amenities and activities that would provide people with that type of getaway. Add in your campsite decorations, theme nights, and festivities, and you have a complete package!

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