Friday, November 2, 2018

Winterization | Prepping for Winter at Ocean Lakes

Feel that? The Fall chill is starting to arrive, and before you know it, you will be pulling out the sweaters and boots to get ready for the Winter.

Winterization in Ocean Lakes

Make sure your RV is ready for the cold weather, too! Ocean Lakes RV Center can get your home away from home prepared for the Winter hibernation for just $135, which comes with a guarantee that you will not have broken pipes because of the freezing. However, for the guarantee, you must have your RV prepared before the first freeze.

If you do sustain any damage to water lines caused by freezing, our Service Department will repair it at no cost to you! As you know, though, we cannot guarantee you will not endure leaks from worn valves, bad faucet washers and stems, or where rubber has been used to mend water lines. This service is rendered on a first come, first serve basis. Do not delay!

What is the Process to Winterize an RV?

To Winterize your RV, antifreeze will be put through all the lines. There are different methods to do so depending on how the RV is set up. Many people think they can just drain the low point drains; however, that is not the case. The lines may have bows in the lines that hold water. 

It is crucial to fill the water lines all the way up with antifreeze, which is only a fifteen-minute process, depending on the size. The Ocean Lakes RV Center has a special unit that they use to blow out lines. The entire process normally calls for an estimated two to three gallons of antifreeze to winterize the RV. 

What if you do not Winterize your RV?

If you do not winterize your RV, you may suffer from busted waterlines, which would be costly to repair. If the water heater is not emptied, then it could bust, as well. If the water heater busts, you would need to purchase another one, which would cost around $600. Once you factor in the labor costs to remove the water heater and install the new one, you would end up spending around $1,000.

Camper Storage

Is your camper stored with us? The RV Center mailed out a winterization order form the first of October that you can complete and return to us by November 15, 2018. No work will be completed until we receive your request in writing, along with your payment.

Our team strongly suggest that you leave a “hide-a-key” on your trailer. Consider installing a magnetic key box or hiding a key in a compartment. This would allow our Service Department or Ocean Lakes Security team to assist you with any need that may arise without you having to mail a key.

Urgent – Call Now!

We recommend you do not wait! Call our RV Center now at 1-800-226-7716 and our team will take care of everything for you. Rid yourself of all your RV worries for the Winter!

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