Booking With Ocean Lakes | What You Need To Know

We want to make booking with us as simple as possible, and we offer a great diversity in camping accommodations.

Campsites | Our 859 transient campsites are large, pull-through sites along paved roads. Each site includes 20-30-50 amp electric, water, sewer, 63-channel cable TV hookup, a picnic table, and free Wi-Fi. Concrete pads are available on 630+ campsites, and each pad is generally 18’ W x 45’ L.

So Many Choices | Guests have a variety of choices including oceanfront, lakeside, and shaded sites. When calling to make a campsite reservation feel free to ask about the site details. Our teammates are very helpful, describing how many feet the site is from the ocean, if a bath house is close, and even if the site has a tree on it!

RV Specifics | Ocean Lakes is unique from many other campgrounds because it can accommodate the latest and largest luxury RVs, including the sprawling awnings and numerous slide-outs. Most campsites can accommodate up to a 40′ camper and two vehicles with room to spare! In fact, some of our sites can even accommodate the large 45′ RVs. Tent only camping is permitted on any site when you do not utilize a camper.

View Us Virtually | View our 360 HD Virtual Video of each campsite, which is linked from our online map. Although you can view it on a desktop or laptop, you will enjoy the “WOW!” factor on your mobile device when you use the YouTube App. On mobile with the app, you can turn 360 degrees around and see the sites beside you, look up, look down – See all around you on your mobile device! Learn more about this unique feature from Mallory on her segment, Minute With Mallory

Express Check-In | Tell the Reservations Teammate you want Express Check-In! This allows you to bypass the lines in our Registration Office and drive through our Main Gate to your site while we check you in!

Here are some helpful tips when you try Express Check-In:
·      Express Check-In must be done 2 weeks prior to your arrival date
·      Pay all camping fees in full
·      Tell us the number in your party
·      Tell us your vehicle make(s), vehicle tag number(s), and state(s)
·      We will mail your Express Packet and will include your car passes
·      Hang the car pass on your rear-view mirror, drive through our main gate and have fun

Things To Know Before Calling
·      Please be aware of our Reservation Policies
·      Know your Arrival Date
·      Know your Departure Date
·      Ocean Lakes reserves by site number
·      You can request a specific site by number. It is helpful to have a campground map in-front of you when calling
·      Know the make and model of your RV (if applicable)
·      Know the size of your RV (length). Some sites have size restrictions
·      We only have a few designated tent sites because campers just will not fit (due to clearance problems from trees, etc.). Tents are permitted on all sites
·      If you want “Express Check-In” you must pay all camping fees in full and give us the number in your party, vehicle make(s), vehicle tag number(s), and state(s), and if you are bringing your own golf car – 2 weeks prior to your arrival date
·      Campsite reservations can be made up to 18 months in advance with the required deposit. This is important if you want to visit during popular holidays like July 4th, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Easter, 3 Halloweekends and Thanksgiving
·      Once a reservation is made, Ocean Lakes must receive the deposit within 7 days of when the reservation was made. You can use a credit card (Master Card, Visa, Discover) or send a check

Book 18 Months In Advance | We are frequently told by guests that they cannot get in to stay with us because we are always booked up. While we do book up fast anytime from May to October, we do allow reservations up to 18 months in advance with the required deposit by calling Camping Reservations at 1-800-876-8034 or by booking on our website.

See You Soon | Booking with us could not be easier, so book today and be our happy camper!


2019 Sandy Harbor Water Park Hours of Operations

We continue to receive many questions regarding the water park's hours of operation for the 2019 season.

Water Park | 
Sandy Harbor Water Park, which debuted Memorial Day Weekend in 2016, boasts a 705-foot Adventure (Lazy) River, Drop Zone, The Tube, Splash Zone, as well as other cool features.

Our Game Plan | We intend to have Sandy Harbor Water Park fully operational Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. During May, September, and October, we will scale back to more of an “hours as posted” operation and set the hours a week in advance. That may include shutting off the slides on the Drop Zone, The Tube, and Splash Zone during the week while leaving the other parts of Sandy Harbor open for guests.

Treating Guests |
While most water parks along the Grand Strand shut down after Labor Day, we have worked hard to treat our guests by extending the season as long as we can. Sandy Harbor Water Park is a beautiful amenity at Ocean Lakes Family Campground, and we want our guests to experience the fun and enjoy their stay with us.

Factors | Many factors influence whether the water park can stay open as we head into fall, and weather is just one of those reasons.

Finding certified lifeguards is another reason why water parks typically close at Labor Day. Most of the lifeguards who work all summer are high school and college students who head back to class as the traditional summer season wraps up. 

That makes finding certified lifeguards a challenge after Labor Day. Because of the caliber of our slides and other water park features, we are required by the state to have a specific number of certified lifeguards working for the water park to open. We simply are not going to operate the water park without the certified lifeguards. With those lifeguards in short supply after Labor Day, that creates a challenge.

“Safety is our top priority,” said Lance Thompson, General Manager and Vice President of Ocean Lakes Family Campground. “We love to see our guests so excited about this amenity and want everyone to have the chance to experience it in a safe environment.”

Our team has worked hard to recruit, train, and schedule certified lifeguards to keep the water park open beyond Labor Day, and we have been successful in extending that season well into September.

Sandy Harbor Water Park Hours for 2019

In-Season Hours:  Memorial Day – Labor Day (Lifeguard on Duty)
Monday – Saturday: 9 AM – 10 PM, Sunday 10 AM – 10 PM*
Adult Swim Only Daily: 5 PM – 6 PM

Off-Season Hours: Labor Day through Spring
Monday – Saturday: 9 AM – 9 PM, Sunday 10 AM – 9 PM*
* See Sandy Harbor Water Park Hours below. Outdoor Pools close for swimming in the Fall. The Indoor Pool is open all year!

§  Easter Weekend | Sandy Harbor Water Park will be open for Easter Weekend. For 2019 that is: Friday, April 19th through Sunday, April 21st, 2019. Then it will shut down until May 1st.
§  May* | Starting May 1st, Sandy Harbor Water Park will be open on the weekends only with “hours as posted” until Memorial Day Weekend. Opening the Water Park may include shutting off the slides on the Drop Zone, The Tube and Splash Zone while leaving the other parts of Sandy Harbor Water Park (the Adventure River and Splash Zone structure) open for guests.
§  Summer | Our water park will open full time Memorial Day Weekend and continue through Labor Day.
§  Fall* | Our water park will stay open under “hours as posted” through September 1st – 30th. * Opening the Water Park may include shutting off the slides on the Drop Zone, The Tube and Splash Zone while leaving the other parts of Sandy Harbor Water Park (the Adventure River and Splash Zone structure) open for guests.
§  “Hours as posted” and Weather Permitting:
§  September 5th – 30th (Weekdays): 
§  Open Monday – Friday, 10 AM – 6 PM – Adventure River, Splash Zone (all slides will be closed including The Tube, Drop Zone Mat Racer, and on Splash Zone for kids).
§  September 5th – 30th (Weekends):
§  Open Saturday – Sunday, 10 AM – 6 PM – Adventure River, Splash Zone, Drop Zone Mat Racer, and The Tube.
§  Open Every day, 10 AM – 9 PM – Indoor/Older Outdoor Pools (Not Adventure River or Splash Zone) 

* Hours NOTE: Please understand, Sandy Harbor Water Park defines all the water park elements, not just the slides. We appreciate everyone’s patience as our team works hard to provide this amenity for your enjoyment.

Happy Camping | We look forward to seeing you all this year out enjoying all that Ocean Lakes Family Campground has to offer!

For all things Sandy Harbor Water Park, head over to our website.