Beat the Heat and Stay Cool

Summertime is here and so is the South Carolina heat! When Summer hits, we all love to head to the beach or pool and keep cool while making a splash and catching a tan. It is important to stay cool and hydrated during your fun in the sun so that the fun does not have to come to an end.

Today’s Weather | The temperature high for today is 91 degrees Fahrenheit, the low is 78 degrees Fahrenheit, and the heat index for today is 102 degrees Fahrenheit. I am sweating just reading those temperatures!

This week, we are giving you 7 tips to staying cool and hydrated when staying at Ocean Lakes! Let’s get started:

Tip 1 | We are starting our tips off simple – Drink lots of water! Even when you are not thirsty, drink water. This will keep you hydrated and help keep the muscle cramps away while you are riding your bike when exploring the campground, running on the beach to catch that frisbee, or sliding down the Drop Zone Mat Racer.

Tip 2 | When packing for your trip, pack loose fitting, light colored, cotton shirts, then pair those with a pair of thin, loose fitting shorts or capris. These will be breathable and not prevent ventilation/airflow, as well as not attract the hottest rays.

Tip 3 | The inside of your RV can get pretty warm and humid, so be sure to check that your RV air conditioner is working properly before you get on the road. Keep the blinds closed to prevent the inside of your RV from baking during the day. We recommend putting reflective foil inside your RV windshield and windows to deflect the sunlight during the day.

Tip 4 | If you begin not feeling well and need to cool your body down fast, apply ice packs or cold compresses to pulse points at the wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles, and behind the knees.

Tip 5 | Position a fan across from a window or your door, so the wind from outside and the fan combine in a cooling cross-breeze. Try setting up multiple fans throughout to make the airflow even better.

Tip 6 | Make a splash! Simply get in the ocean or hop in our pool to decrease your skin and body temperature. This will keep you cool and having fun!

Tip 7 | What better way to stay cool and hydrated than by learning about what is making us hot and sweaty?! Every Monday from 12:30 PM to 1 PM, guests can make a UV Bead Bracelet (a fun color-changing bracelet to keep) in the Nature Center while learning about the sun’s UV rays. Sign up at the Nature Center for $1 per child, which is cash only. We recommend stopping in early to sign up since space is limited and this is a popular activity in the Nature Center.

It Is A Hot One | Simply put, it is hot out there, and no, that does not mean the fun has to stop! After all, Keith Urban’s song does say, “It’s gonna be a long, hot Summer, we should be together.”

Until Next Time | We encourage you all to make the most of your vacation with us; have fun and make memories that will last a lifetime. Just remember to stay cool and hydrated, my friends.


Some More S'mores

We all love a good tasty s’more, but did you know that the first published recipe for “Some Mores” dates back to 1927?! It is true! No one knows exactly who invented this sweet treat, but it was featured in a 1927 publication called Tramping and Trailing with the Girls Scouts. A woman named Loretta Scott Crew is given credit for the recipe when she made them for Girl Scouts by a campfire.

Would you look at that beautiful S'more!

August 10th is National S’mores Day; therefore, we are getting you prepared in this week’s blog! Keep reading to learn a few ways to create s’mores when camping at Ocean Lakes Family Campground!

The basic ingredients for a S'more.

The Classic S’more | Simply toast marshmallows over a fire until they are crispy and gooey, then sandwich it between two graham crackers and two pieces of a chocolate bar (some people only use one piece of a chocolate bar and place it under the marshmallow; however, I love chocolate, so it is two pieces for me). The hot marshmallow will slightly melt the chocolate, which will create a warm and gooey sweet treat!

The Classic S'more!

A Classic Hybrid | Please note, you will need a fire pit for this method! If your fire pit has a grill (a metal “rack” you can place over the fire put), you can heat the chocolate and graham crackers while sticking the marshmallow directly over the fire. This will melt the chocolate a little more but be careful of burning the graham crackers (unless you like it that way)!

If you do not have a fire pit, simply lay out foil on the grill and use the above steps.

S’more Foils | Please note, you will need a fire pit for this method, too! Have you ever created a foiled burger? If so, then this method will sound very familiar. Make your s'more sandwich and tightly wrap it in the foil before placing it in the fire's coals for just a couple of minutes. Unlike the classic method, the chocolate melts with the marshmallow, so be prepared for chocolate fingers!

S’more Cones | If any of you are familiar with Bree Hester from Baked Bree, then you may recognize this method! Bree believes, “S'mores are great, but campfire cones are better."

Use a Sugar Ice Cream Cone and stuff it with chocolate and marshmallows, then tightly wrap it in foil before placing it on the fire pit or grill for a couple of minutes.

Hester takes it even further by encouraging you to use your imagination. She even made a peach sauce and used toppings, such as sliced almonds, chocolate chips, crushed chocolate cookies, marshmallows, granola, and whipped cream. YUM!

Until Next Time | Whether you stick with a classic S’more or get wild and crazy with your method and toppings, S’mores are always a tasty treat! Sitting around a campfire, toasting marshmallows, and sharing stories or memories with those you love is one way to create a wonderful memory that will last a lifetime.

Camping at Ocean Lakes Family Campground.