Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ocean Lakes takes extra steps to speed up storm debris removal

We were fortunate not to have major damage from Hurricane Matthew, but the storm left a mess – lots of downed tree limbs, sticks and leaves.

Our team has been making the rounds to collect all the debris as quickly as possible – and we have extra outside crews arriving today to help.

A teammate drops off a load of debris in the new drop-off area south of the South Gate entrance Thursday morning.

If the debris is creating issues with parking at your site, here are some options:


We’ve designated special drop-off areas near the South Gate entrance for owners/guests to bring bulk debris such as big limbs, sticks and stumps, and bagged yard debris with leaves. (NO bagged trash).

Bulk debris should be dropped in the area south of the South Gate entrance.

This is the area north of the South Gate entrance where guests can drop off bagged debris.
Bagged debris should be dropped in the area north of the South Gate entrance that is usually used for overflow parking.


If you’ve left debris at your site for pick up, never mix the bagged debris with the bulk debris such as tree limbs. That slows down our crews and delays the overall cleanup.
Never mix large debris with bagged debris as seen here; it slows pick up and the overall cleanup process. Always put them in separate piles.
Please understand that the massive debris collection efforts aren’t limited just to Ocean Lakes. The storm packed a punch, leaving debris spread through much of the Myrtle Beach area.

Horry County and the city of Myrtle Beach also have taken extra steps – such as setting up special drop-off points and manning a debris cleanup hotline – to help get the debris collected as quickly as possible. There’s so much of it, clean up will just take time.

Hurricane Matthew was a Category 1 storm when it hit the area Oct. 8, dumping heavy rain that caused flooding, knocking out power (some residents were without it for five days) and creating a mess with the downed trees and debris.

Piles of tree limbs waiting for pick up are stacked along major roads such as Kings Highway, and throughout many neighborhoods. The Horry County drop-off centers have been slammed as residents dump massive truck loads of debris.

At Ocean Lakes, outside crews are on hand to help. Thanks to our guests for their patience as the storm cleanup continues.

“We have extra crews out there now,” said Kevin McWhirter, Ocean Lakes’ Operations Manager. “We will take care of your yard debris, but it will take time.”