Thursday, October 6, 2016

Returning to Ocean Lakes after Hurricane Matthew | What you need to know

Ocean Lakes Family Campground will reopen as soon as possible after Hurricane Matthew passes the coast and officials determine the park is safe.

It's impossible to know exactly when the campground will reopen because it depends on several factors, including the amount of damage in the park and whether utilities such as power and water in the area are up and running.

Horry County Police check the campground  Thursday.
Hurricane Matthew is expected to bring more than 10 inches of rain, storm surge of 3 to 6 feet above ground and high winds that could damage structures and down trees, especially in areas where the ground already is saturated, forecasters said Thursday. Extreme flooding is likely.

Rain will begin Friday, with the worst of the storm expected to affect the area Saturday and Saturday night. Gov. Nikki Haley ordered evacuations in Horry and Georgetown counties of properties east of U.S. 17 Business-Kings Highway (known as Zone A), which includes Ocean Lakes.

Ocean Lakes shut down at 2 p.m. Thursday and will stay closed Friday and Saturday.

After the storm passes the area, our teammates will assess any damage in the campground and determine if it's safe to open. We hope damage is minimal, but there's no way to predict what the storm will do.

"We will be back open as soon as possible," said Lance Thompson, Ocean Lakes' General Manager and Vice President.

STAY UPDATED | Check our Facebook page (OceanLakesFB), Twitter (@OceanLakes) and our website, We will update guests and homeowners about our plans for reopening on social media and our website as soon as information is available. 

RESERVATIONS | Scheduled to check-in to Ocean Lakes on Sunday? Wait for word on when we will reopen before arriving at the campground. Again, our timing for opening will depend on safety and the amount of damage.

TRAFFIC | Traffic is likely to be heavy headed to the S.C. coast once Hurricane Matthew passes as those who have evacuated return home. Officials predict as many as 500,000 residents will evacuate the S.C. coast, including about 200,000 in Horry and Georgetown counties. Many of them are likely to start returning to their homes Sunday, which could lead to heavy traffic headed back to the beach.

Thanks for your patience. We will keep you updated as soon as we know more.