Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Staying Fit at Ocean Lakes

Exercising is a big part of everyday life, and Ocean Lakes promotes a healthy lifestyle amongst teammates and guests. While we do not have a workout facility, we urge guests to stay active. So, how can guests get a workout in while vacationing in our campground?

We are so glad you asked! Here are 10 workout options:

1.    Bike Riding | Hop on your bike and explore the campground! We are a 310-acre park, so think of all the biking you can do. If you do not bring yours, no worries - Rent a bike from the Recreation Center. They rent out adult and teen bikes for $5/hour, $15/day, $25/2 days, $35/3 days, and $50/4-7 days.

2.    Walk/Run On The Beach | We can all agree that there is no better way to exercise than by the ocean. Get your heart pumping and blood flowing all while breathing in that wonderful sea air.

3.    5K Map in the Campground | Interested in running your own 5K? Head down to the Recreation Office and ask for the 5K map! They will happily provide you with a map of the campground that has a highlighted path for you.

4.    Pull Ups and Clings on Oceanfront Equipment | Last August, we were privileged to have Dustin McKinney, an American Ninja Warrior, camp with us! Each morning, he would head down to the oceanfront and talk to guests about training and tricks. Dustin showed off his moves and taught us all just how to use the equipment!

5.    Water Aerobics | This class is held year-round at the Indoor Pool on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8 AM. These classes are free to all guests.

6.    Swimming in Indoor Pool or Ocean | Work on your back stroke, breast stroke, and freestyle in the Indoor Pool! The Indoor Pool is open year-round and open to all guests. If you wanting to feel the warm, salt water, take a dip in the ocean!

7.    Golfing at Prestwick Country Club | This beautiful golf course is our sister company and is located 1.6 miles down from Ocean Lakes. Book your tee time through the Recreation Center and receive the best rate guarantee! You will be surprised at the arm and back muscles you can work on when swinging a golf club.

8.    Basketball/Volleyball | Grab a group of friends or family members and head down to the Basketball or Volleyball Courts for a game! All sports equipment can be checked out from the Recreation Center and is free to all guests.

9.    Horseshoes | Exercising can be fun, too! Horseshoes are down on the oceanfront in between the Playground and Basketball Courts. All equipment can be checked out from the Recreation Center and is free to all guests.

10. Zumba | This class is held during the Summer months on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 AM in the Recreation Center. There is a $7 per person fee.

Teammate March Madness | Throughout the month of March, Ocean Lakes Teammates are accepting the March Madness Challenge! You will see us walking the campground to complete all 22 paved miles, and we only have 31 days.

There are many great reasons to walk! Your heart will get stronger, you will lower your blood pressure, and your bones will get stronger. Walking is a great method to ease stress, have better restful nights, and even boost your outlook on life.

Until Next Time | We encourage a healthy lifestyle and want guests to know that there are ways to exercise even without a workout facility. Get creative and get active!

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