Friday, June 2, 2017

"Minute to Win It," "Lip Sync Battle" highlight jam-packed summer activities lineup at Ocean Lakes

Ever sit on your couch watching “Minute to Win It” or “Lip Sync Battle” and think, “I could rock that.”

Here’s your chance.

The Ocean Lakes versions of the two popular TV shows have joined the jam-packed lineup of summer activities in our Recreation Center. Summer activities – including the new TV-show inspired offerings as well as staples such as bingo, ceramics and tie-dye – kick off Monday, June 5 and run through Saturday, Aug. 12.

“There’s something for everybody every single day,” said Salle Horner, Sandy Harbor and Recreational Activities Coordinator.

The Ocean Lakes Recreation Team is ready to help guests have fun on their vacation with a jam-packed lineup of summer activities.
“Minute to Win In” features goofy games such as Rapid Fire (shooting rubber bands to knock over a stack of cans), Magic Carpet Ride (sitting on a mat and scooting across the floor) and Junk in the Truck (just watch the video to see what that one is all about).

Requirements: At least three players but no more than five players. Ability to not take yourself too seriously.

“Minute to Win It” will be played at 4 p.m. Mondays. Sign-up in the Recreation Center starting the Saturday prior to game day. Like most of our Recreation activities, there’s no fee to play and prizes for the winners!

For “Lip Sync Battle,” channel your inner rock (or country or rap) star. We’ll have a variety of family-friendly songs for you to choose from. Don’t just memorize the words – dress the part! Costumes encouraged.

The battle is set for 4 p.m. Fridays. Sign up in the Recreation Center starting the Monday prior to the Friday performance. Free to participate, with prizes to the winners!

And those activities are just the start. Stay updated on all the fun things to do by picking up the pink Summer Activities calendar from the Main Office when you check in or in the Recreation Center.

Want to plan ahead before you even arrive in Myrtle Beach? Check out the activities calendar online – click on each activity to see a detailed description.

Activities through our Recreation Center are a big part of the summer experience at Ocean Lakes, with roughly 15,000 guests participating in them every summer. Tie-dyeing T-shirts, bingo, ceramics and corn toss are among the most popular activities.

“A lot of the activities are free, fun and family oriented, which is what I think vacation should be all about,” Horner said.

Tie-dyeing T-shirts is one of the most popular summer activities in our Recreation Center.
The Recreation team tweaks the summer lineup every year, always adding something fresh while nixing activities that aren’t connecting with guests.

“I look at the numbers and see what’s popular and replace it with something that is bigger and better,” Horner said.

Many families enjoy the activities together and flock to them to give their kids or grandkids something fun to do other than the playing at the beach or water park.

Guests already can find just about everything they need for a fun vacation without leaving the campground, and recreation activities fall right in line with that, Horner said.

“And you have all of your fun activities included starting when you check in,” she said.
Let the summer fun begin!