Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Introducing The NEW Campsite Wi-Fi Tiered Program

Listen up, Ocean Lakes Campers, we hear you! We know that sometimes the Wi-Fi speed in the campground can be a little frustrating. We listened to you, we heard you, and we are making some big changes that we hope makes Campsite Wi-Fi better. How? We are rolling out a NEW Wi-Fi Tiered Program on Monday, April 8th.

Yes, we will still have FREE Wi-Fi! But we will offer some upgrade options tailored to meet camping guests’ data speed needs (what a tongue twister!). Now with campsite guests logging into the Wi-Fi system, we have locked down the system saving the Wi-Fi access points and data speed.

We need to make one thing crystal clear: This new system helps data speed - Signal reception may still be a challenge for some campers/RV units. Stay tuned for next week’s Minute With Mallory, which will help guests tackle that issue.

So, here’s the scoop on Tiered Wi-Fi and the “how to” for when you arrive on your campsite.

Free Wi-Fi For All Guests | Rest assured, we will still offer FREE Wi-Fi for ALL guests. Visit the Wireless Zones located in the Camptown Center, the Recreation Center, Sandy Harbor CafĂ©, and the Sandy Harbor Water Park. This Complimentary Wi-Fi does not require the guest to log-in. Simply go to your Wi-Fi Settings, then search for the Network called “Starfish.”

Campsite Guests | Wi-Fi is complimentary at our 859 campsites with options to upgrade your service to Wi-Fi Plus and Wi-Fi Premium. Simply go to Wi-Fi Settings, then search for the Network called “CampsiteWi-Fi.” 

[Updated April 2020 after another system upgrade.]
Campsite Guests 411 | When a campsite reservation is made, the system automatically assigns a User Name (Reservation Number) and Password (last name on reservation – first letter is Capitalized).

Campsite guests should receive an email on the day of check-in with their User Names and Password. Each campsite allows 8 devices to log-in.

More than 8 devices? If one device logs off, another device can log on with the User Name and Password.

Campsite Passwords become effective between 11 AM and Noon on day of guest arrival. Campsite Passwords expire at 11 AM on day of departure (check-out time).

Moving campsites during your stay? Your reservation number should stay the same even if you are moving site to site.

Campsite Guests Arrive on Site | Follow along with the steps below to connect:
1.    Go to your device Settings> Wi-Fi 
2.    Select the Network> choose "Campsite" 
3.    You will be prompted for the User Name and Password.
User Name: Reservation Number
Password: Last name (First Letter is Capitalized)

NOTE: Devices that are not capable of logging in to access the internet (such as game consoles and Roku or Smart TV devices) can be authorized to use the internet without logging in. Enter the MAC Address for the device in the Wi-Fi Guest Portal using your site User Name and Password. Simply enter the MAC address in the field provided and it will honor any upgrades associated with the user account. UPGRADING Campsite Wi-Fi: Once you have logged into the campsite sections' Wi-Fi, you have the option to upgrade your Wi-Fi service speed: 

Upgrading Your Campsite Wi-Fi | Once you have logged into the campsite sections’ Wi-Fi, you have the option to upgrade your Wi-Fi service speed (per device/user):
  • Wi-Fi Plus - should allow for single HD stream/faster gaming $5.99 per day unlimited devices (24-hour period). 
  • Wi-Fi Premium - fastest data speeds/multiple HD Streams/fastest gaming $9.99 per day unlimited devices (24-hour period). 
 URL for Wi-fi Guest Portal cc.ocean lakes.com

(Wi-Fi Upgrades can be purchased in 1 day or 7 day intervals on a log-in basis. Upgrades are non-refundable.) 
Wi-Fi upgrades only work on "Campsite" access points, they will not carry over to the "Starfish" access points.
NOTE: Wi-Fi service will expire at 11 AM on the day of departure.

"How To" Guide | Take a look at the video below to see the steps to upgrading your Wi-Fi:

NOTE | Wi-Fi service will expire at 11 AM on the day of departure. Wi-Fi upgrades only work on “Campsite” access points, they will not carry over to the “StarfishWi-Fi” access points.

Please Understand | An upgrade does not impact signal strength; the upgrade should IMPACT data speed. There are several factors that impact your device’s Wi-Fi reception; upgrading tiers will NOT provide better reception.

Rental Guests | Annual lease sites may or may not include Wi-Fi depending on each annual lease site holder’s internet contract with Spectrum. Ocean Lakes Properties can assist in identifying their rental sites with Wi-Fi. We recommend rental guests take advantage of our Wireless Zones to access Wi-Fi.
Wi-Fi Challenges | The speed is better, but the signal still not all that great? Signal strength can be affected by the construction material of your RV, inclement weather, trees, and nearby structures. Internet speeds can vary due to the number of guests connected to the wireless network and the amount of data they are using. Streaming movies (especially HD), gaming, and music greatly impact the Wi-Fi experience for all guests.

Tip | Consider purchasing a Wi-Fi extender or booster to improve your signal reception while traveling in your RV.

Keep In Mind | Before you suggest that we are “nickeling and diming you,” understand that we are still offering FREE Wi-Fi at the Wireless Zones and at all campsites. This program is for the guests that need to work while staying with us, or like to stream videos, watch Netflix, enjoy gaming, or have a Smart TV or Roku. We understand this is a part of everyday life; therefore, we needed to create a login. With having a login, we are protecting the Wi-Fi speed for campsite guests and minimizing the number of individuals taking up the bandwidth.

More Info | View Minute with Mallory: “Wi-Fi Challenges & Tips” linked from OceanLakes.com > Services > Wi-Fi or on Ocean Lakes’ YouTube Channel under the Videos tab.

Until Next Time | We hope to see you in the campground soon, and let us know what you think about the Wi-Fi upgrade once you test it out for yourself!

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